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Multifacet Reggae singer-songwriter-actress, Safira Mono brings ancient wisdom to our modern age with her upful, vibrant, positive lyrics and dynamic stage presence.

Following the release of her 2018 album titled "Just A Woman," the Reggae sensation has been assiduously campaigning. When asked about her flagship track "I Pray For You" featuring Morgan Heritage, the Spanish Town Gem had this to say: "I apprecilove the support I've gotten from the Morgan family. The single has propelled the growth of my fanbase, especially in Ghana, Japan, and the United States."

Meanwhile celebrating the success of her album & distribution with Zojak, the warrior empress has been prepping with her five-piece band for an eventful 2019. "I love the west coast vibration!" Safira Mono exclaims.With words of empowerment and militancy, Safira Mono was introduced to the west coast masses on the likes of, KZCT 89.5 FM, KZSC 88.1 FM, & KPFA 94.1 FM.


Music Videos

Safira Mono's worldwide popularity is evident with close to 500,000 Views on Vevo for her "MONITOR" Official Music Video. In 2016 Monitor dominated as the #1 Music Video in Jamaica for 9 consecutive weeks.

Since its release, Cruff Life music video has racked up over 100,000 views on Facebook, and popped up on the video countdown charts on the popular Street Link and FIWI Choice charts.

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About Safira Mono


With roots steeped in one of Jamaica’s most historic locations, Reggae singer-songwriter-actress Safira Mono has always been culturally and socially aware. Those traits are evident in her songs. She has established a presence worldwide as well as some of Jamaica’s toughest areas.

“That’s where some of my biggest fans are. The youths gravitate toward Safira Mono because they know I understand their challenges,” she said. Safira Mono was born Shockera Pinnock in Spanish Town, a historic area that was once Jamaica’s capital. She grew up listening to ‘conscious’ performers like trailblazing deejay Lady Ann, Sister Nancy, Lady G, and Sister Carol.

Over the years Safira Mono excelled in songwriting and music composure; for her, music became art with no limitations. Appropriately, her first song, ‘Harder Times’ was done for Kick Off Records. Other songs, such as I Am Not A Toy, Monitor, Cruff Life, and Do It To Jah followed on her Jample label.

Safira Mono began working on her "Just A Woman" album project in 2016 with producer Andre Bailey (DreZion) and executive producer Shockera Pinnock. Just A Woman was a statement to belittle women, until September 15th, 2018. Distributed by Zojak, the debut album became an uplifting and empowering statement for both men and women.

Safira Mono believes it is critical for Jamaican artistes to use their craft to motivate and inspire especially impressionable youth. “That’s important because many people don’t get a chance at a good life. We through our music can make a difference.”


Born Shockera Pinnock, on June 6, 1986, in Spanish Town, Jamaica, Safira Mono later developed a passion for music and expressed it in church services and school gatherings. On May 5, 1999, Safira Mono migrated to the United States.

With her strong personality and hunger to entertain, she began to discover her hidden talents. In high school, Safira Mono teamed up with schoolmates Toxic, CD, & Danglez. The crew of four formed Squad 44. Due to the lack of management, the Squad grew apart.

Eager to learn, Safira Mono enrolled in The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where she studied “Digital Media Productions.” In 2007 she launched JahMyspace.com; a Reggae niche website that grew into a successful social network, radio station and marketing firm.

In 2010 Safira Mono suffered the passing of her mother. Tearful and depressed, Safira Mono returned to Jamaica to clear her mind. Unfortunately shortly after leaving Jamaica, her grandmother passed away. Safira Mono returned to Jamaica once more. On November of 2011, Safira Mono watched as an airplane departed Kingston, Jamaica to Florida without her.

In 2012 Safira Mono began working on singles with Andre Bailey (DreZion) & Treveno Williams (Quickmixx). Managed by Renaldo Farquharson, the team embarked on a musical journey. In 2013 Shockera Pinnock & Renaldo Farquharson formed BadSlave Pinnacle under the Rastafari regime and released their first film “LadyDon”.

BadSlave Pinnacle evolved into Jample Digital Media Productions. In the year of 2018 Jample made its' mark by signing Safira Mono and releasing her debut album titled "Just A Woman" produced by DreZion & Distributed by Zojak.

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Artwork Detail Tracklist
Title: Just A Woman
Artist: Safira Mono
Featuring: Mikey General, Junior C,
Morgan Heritage, Dactah Chando
Release Year: 2018
Rec Studio: Jample DMP
Label: Jample Distr: Zojak
Exe Prod: Shockera Pinnock
Prod: Andre Bailey
01. Rich & Famous
02. Uncrowned Queen
03. Do It To Jah
04. Jah Is The Way ft. Dactah Chando
05. Hurry Come Up
06. Monitor
07. Daddy
08. Cruff Life
09. Just A Woman
10. Help Me To Know Myself feat. Mikey General
11. It Don't Look Good
12. City Lights
13. No Peace
14. Fight (Never Give Up)
15. I Pray For You feat. Morgan Heritage
16. Love Can Save A Life feat. Junior C
17. Kush
18. This Artist
19. Almost Famous
Artwork Detail Tracklist
Artist: Safira Mono
Title: Do It To Jah
Release Year: 2018
Rec Studio: Jample DMP
Label: Jample Distr: Jample
Exe Prod: Shockera Pinnock
Prod: House Of Riddim / Andre Bailey
01. Do It To Jah

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