Safira Mono brings positive message to prisoners at spanish town

Fresh on the heels of signing a distribution deal with VPAL for her breakthrough single Monitor, Safira Mono has scored with prisoners at the Spanish Town prison. The conscious reggae artiste recently performed at the prison where she sang Monitor and other tracks from her upcoming album, Just a Woman.

“Everyone was singing along when I did Monitor, it was a great moment. When I left the stage, they were hungry for more,” Mono told Entertainment Avenue. Mono said the prison authorities were very pleased with the positive message that she brought to the prisoners through her songs.

The performance at the penal institution came as the artiste continues celebrating the success of Monitor and the signing of a distribution deal with VPAL, a subsidiary of VP Records, for distributing the song worldwide. “The distribution deal with VPAL was signed in Kingston last month, and Monitor has now been released internationally,” she said. Written by Mono and produced by Bad Slave Pinnacle, the song calls upon parents to monitor their children, while at the same time seeks to uplift both parents and children. “The youths really need to be monitored by not just the parents but by every responsible adult,” she argued.

The video for Monitor, done by Wayne Benjamin, continues to rack up viewings on YouTube. The artiste says she is happy with the progress she has made in the music industry so far. “I’ve been trying for a while and had to put up with a lot of fight, especially because I’m a female. A lot of people were saying that I’m not marketable, but I feel good that they don’t have the last talk. Now that Monitor is a hit, a lot of people are saying they can relate to the song.” The success, so far, of Monitor has spurred Mono to push for the completion of her debut album, Just a Woman, which should be complete by year-end. It is scheduled for a 2017 release.

Explaining the reasoning for the title, Mono said, “I don’t call myself an entertainer or artiste, I am just a woman, so that title is quite appropriate.” She added that fans who have been following her career will love the album, as it will contain “a lot of heart and soul”. “It has real lyrics, based on struggles, based on love and reality.

The album is going to be very, very creative and will be kind of different, but with lots of great songs. It’s an album that I am dedicating to my late mother and to my father, who I met only recently for the first time.” I’m Just a Woman is being produced by Dre Zion and Quick Mix Records, and will contain 10 songs along with bonus tracks.

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